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Questions for Community Dialogue

In the spirit of encouraging dialogue, there will be a talk-back after each performance of UNH’s production of Spring Awakening, focused on different elements of theatrical process, including dramaturgy; directing; stage management; musical direction; light, set, costume, and sound design; and choreography. Audiences will have an opportunity to talk to the cast, crew, and production team; we hope you will join us. Here are some questions to consider about the play and this specific production:  

What do you think theater's place is in the UNH community? What should it be? To what extent do you feel theatrical performance should provoke dialogue?

What does "controversial" mean to you? What is the artist's responsibility, in relation to the content as well as in relation to the audience, in terms of exploring material that pushes against comfort zones?

What themes do you think are most relevant to everyday student experience here on this campus?

How do you observe power dynamics in your daily life, personal as well as professional?

What gaps do you perceive in the face people present to others, as compared to what goes on with individuals beneath the surface?

How did performance elements such as costumes, light, set, sound, and movement inform your thinking about the ideas the play communicates?

Is there a difference between learning and being taught? If so, how does this production encourage audiences to consider this distinction?

What effect does the breaking of the fourth wall (the imaginary wall between the characters and their world and the world of the audience) have on you as a spectator? What does the juxtaposition of the 19
th and 21st centuries suggest to you? 

TALK-BACK SCHEDULE: All talk-backs will begin approximately 5 minutes after the final curtain and last approximately 20 minutes.
Thursday, May 1: Dramaturgy
Friday, May 2: Directing, Costume Design, Stage Management
Saturday, May 3, 2 p.m.: Musical Direction, Sound Design and Tech
Saturday, May 3, 8 p.m.: Choreography
Sunday, May 4, 2 p.m.: Set Design, Lighting Design, Technical Direction