Writing Center

photo of students studying in the Writing Center

The mission of the University of New Haven Writing Center is to provide high-quality tutoring to undergraduate and graduate students as they write for a wide range of purposes and audiences.

Writing Center tutors are students recruited from all disciples. Tutors include those majoring in biology, communications, criminal justice, engineering, English, environmental science, forensic science, legal studies, marine biology, music, national security, nutrition, and psychology.

We are here to work with you at any stage in the writing process. Bring in your assignment, your ideas, and any writing you've done so far, and we will give you the tips and direction to help you succeed.

Become a More Confident Writer

Appointments at the Writing Center are driven by the writers. Tutors begin appointments by asking questions to understand where in the writing process the writer is and what the writer is attempting to accomplish. Ultimately, though, it is the writer who decides what the appointment will focus on.

Tutors ask questions and offer feedback based on the student’s ideas and goals for the paper. An appointment is an opportunity for students to develop their ideas, strengthen claims, compose introductions and conclusions, evaluate evidence, and more. Tutors can also help writers navigate the many citations styles required in academic writing.

Tutors will not edit a writer’s paper for them, but they will gladly help a writer identify errors in grammar and punctuation. Our goal is to help writers develop confidence and hone their skills so they become more comfortable with their individual writing process and style.

Writing is Key to College and Professional Success

The Writing Center is open every day except Saturday, and tutors are available 50 hours each week.