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The Health Care Administration program offers an MS in Health Care Administration degree, six concentrations and two graduate certificates. Many of our students earn multiple certificates and/or concentrations while earning their MS in Health Care Administration.

Below is a description of our core curriculum for the MS in Health Care Program. Descriptions of each of the concentrations and certificates are found in the Academic Catalog (available via the links on the right side of the page).

A total of 42 graduate credits is required for completion of the master of science in health care administration. The program consists of nine required courses (27 credits) plus five courses (15 credits) that may be taken as unrestricted electives or used to complete one of the six concentrations in the master’s program. Courses may be taken online, onsite or a combination of the two.

Core Courses

  • MG 630 - Management Information Systems in Health Care
  • MG 640 - Management of Health Care Organizations *
  • PA 611 - Research Methods in Public Administration
  • PA 625 - Administrative Behavior
  • or
  • P 619 - Organizational Behavior
  • PA 641 - Financial Management of Health Care Organizations
  • PA 651 - Health Care Ethics
  • PA 669 - Health Care Policy, Planning, and Execution
  • PA 690 - Research Seminar
  • PS 635 - Law and Public Health
  • Or
  • PA 642 – Health Care Delivery Systems

Plus 5-6 electives or concentration courses