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College of Business

Welcome to the University of New Haven College of Business

What’s your end goal? Do you picture yourself as the Chief Marketing Officer of a Fortune 100 company — perhaps in the field of your dreams, such as a sports franchise? Great. Now back up a little, and picture yourself graduating with the strong resume and skill set that employers clamor for. Back up a bit more. You’re not just sitting in a classroom —you’re gaining valuable, hands-on experience in your discipline.

Are you already a professional? Picture yourself taking the next step in your career. High-level executive? Visualize leading your company in the global business world — learning from, alongside, and with other industry leaders. Entrepreneur? See your business taking off, fueled by your own unique vision.

Whoever you are, and whatever you see yourself doing, it can start here by first picturing yourself at the University of New Haven College of Business.

Undergraduate Majors & Minors 

Graduate Programs

Graduate Certificates

Accounting Executive MBA (EMBA) Accounting
Business Management Full-Time/ Flexible MBA Business Intelligence
Economics M.S. in Finance
Business Management
Finance M.S. in Healthcare Administration
Hospitality & Tourism Management M.S. Sport Management Healthcare Administration
Sport Management M.S. in Taxation Human Resources Management
Marketing   International Business
Fast Track Study Options   Long-term Healthcare
Minors   Sport Management

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