New Student Physical and Immunization Requirements and Forms

At the University of New Haven, we value your health and that of our entire campus community.

Health Services Requirements for New Full-Time Students

For fall entry, incoming undergraduate students must submit documentation to us by July 1. Incoming graduate students must submit documentation prior to registering for classes in their first term.

Health Examination and Immunizations Form - Required for full time students
Pages 1-3 (Student) Pages 4-5 (Clinician)

Due to the busy nature of many physicians' practices, we recommend scheduling a physical examination and (if necessary) immunizations with your doctor as soon as possible.

If you have received the required vaccines, please submit proof of immunity, i.e. records from school, parent's records or copies of lab results of blood tests (for rubella and rubeola titres), along with the completed physical form and a copy of your photo ID to the address listed on page one of the Health Examination and Immunizations Form. Please note: We highly recommend that you make copies of all forms for your personal records prior to mailing copies to our office.

Additional Forms and Information

Immunization Form
For part time students

Patient Financial Responsibility Notice
For all students.
This notice details the financial responsibility students bear for the health care they receive at and/or through Health Services at the University of New Haven. Please note: This notice is provided here for your information and review. You do not need to download and return this form now - students will be asked to sign this form at the time they utilize Health Services.

Immunization Request Form
For students who are graduating or who leave the university and want to request their medical records. Please allow up to two weeks for requested records to be sent. State law requires that the university keep medical files for a period of seven years after a student has left the institution. After that time period, all records are destroyed. Please contact Health Services for further information regarding your medical records.

Emergencies and After Hours Care
Click here for a printable list of care centers.