How To File A Grievance

Grievances Against Faculty Members

The procedure for investigating formal grievances against faculty members is governed by the General Grievance Committee, empowered by the Faculty Constitution.

This committee is accessible to all students at the University of New Haven, and its policies apply to all instructors at the University. Its jurisdiction extends to all grievances involving faculty except for allegations of racial/sexual harassment (a separate committee addresses those issues) and cases handled by the student discipline system.

A student who wishes to initiate a grievance against an instructor can obtain a copy of the complete statement of the Committee's Policies and Procedures, as well as the form required to document the grievance, from the offices of the Dean of Students, the Faculty Senate, the Provost, or from the Committee Chair. There is a limit of one year between the time the grievous event happens and the time the student must first contact the Grievance Committee.

How to Pursue a Grievance

Student grievances against an instructor demand a sincere effort towards resolution, from both the student and the instructor, before they reach the committee. The student should first speak with the instructor regarding the complaint. If the issue is not resolved, consult with the chair of the department which employs the instructor. Normally, complaints can be resolved at this level. If the issue is not resolved, consult with the dean of the school which employs the instructor and then the Office of the Provost. The form used to initiate a grievance against a faculty member provides space for each of these individuals to document what was accomplished at each of those levels. This important information allows the committee to fully understand the student's complaint and to decide how to resolve the complaint effectively.

Interacting with the Grievance Committee

In those instances where the instructor's superiors cannot resolve the complaint, the grievance is forwarded to the Grievance Committee. The committee follows a formal procedure for gathering evidence and scheduling hearings as necessary. Both the instructor and the student have special rights and obligations during this process, so it is important to obtain a copy of the statement of Policies and Procedures. All of the committee's actions are kept confidential. The conclusions of the committee are binding and are reported to the Provost for implementation.

Grievances Against Administrative Departments  

The University of New Haven has established grievance procedures for students who have a concern or complaint regarding administrative issues. Individual offices and non-academic programs have developed grievance procedures for their respective office or program. Please refer to the individual department grievance procedures outlined within this handbook, or on the department's website.

In the event that students are not satisfied with the outcome of a fully exhausted institutional grievance procedure, the following organizations may be contacted for assistance:

New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Commission on Institutions of Higher Education
3 Burlington Woods Drive, Suite 100 Burlington, MA 01803-4514 • 781.425.7700

Connecticut Office of Higher Education
61 Woodland Street, Hartford, CT 06105-2326 800.842.0229

University of New Haven Programs administered outside of Connecticut may also contact:

Student Grievance Procedure For Grievances Related To Disability

Section 504/ADA Grievance Policy and Procedures