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Health care jobs continue to grow faster than any other industry in the United States. A bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences can be a springboard to a management or administration position in hospitals, public health agencies, insurance companies, community organizations, research laboratories, the pharmaceutical industry, and more.

Want to help shape healthcare for the 21st century?

Our B.S. in Health Sciences is the program for you.

Health sciences is an interdisciplinary field that includes the natural sciences, the social and behavioral sciences, humanities, technology and organizational science as applied to human health and the delivery of healthcare.

Predicted to be one of the largest employers in the coming decade, the healthcare industry will also be one of the most competitive. Our program prepares you to meet this challenge.

21st Century Health Sciences Education

Our B.S. in Health Sciences program combines an understanding of biological sciences, humanities and social sciences with healthcare industry-specific knowledge and the network and practical experiences you need to excel in the fast-growing healthcare field.

Choose your career track:

  • General (no specialization)
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Clinical Trials Administration
  • Population Health
Why Choose the University of New Haven?

A strong program that gives you a strong competitive edge. Our B.S. in Health Sciences program is both innovative and rigorous so that you graduate prepared to make a meaningful contribution to your future employer or to gain admission to the graduate program of your choice.

Several features contribute to the strength of the program:

  • a curriculum designed in partnership with regional, national and international healthcare corporations, health systems, and nonprofit organizations.
  • a focus on instilling of broad technical skills as well as the organizational competencies needed for entry-level positions in a wide range of healthcare organizations, companies and agencies
  • a broad multidisciplinary health sciences core with faculty from across the university
  • Unrestricted electives allowing students to explore minors of their choice, do a semester abroad, or pursue a 4+1 bachelor's/master's degree program in 5 years
  • multiple tracks allowing specialization in key allied health fields
  • a required internship experience and capstone course
  • an impressive list of industry partnerships
Prepare for the next step.

If you think that a career in a health-related field might be in your future, the Pre-Health Professions (PHP) Scholars Program is the place for you to start. Students who successfully complete the PHP Scholars Program will have the grades, the coursework, the clinical experiences, and the in-depth knowledge of healthcare that can serve as the launch pad for pursuing a top healthcare job or graduate program.

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Learn from professors who are dedicated to your success.

Our faculty are leaders and innovators in their fields, bringing both deep professional experience and academic rigor to the classroom.


Our B.S. in Health Sciences curriculum was designed in partnership with regional, national and international healthcare corporations, health systems, and nonprofit organizations. The program combines an understanding of biological sciences, humanities and social sciences with healthcare industry-specific knowledge and the network and practical experiences you need to excel in the fast-growing healthcare field.

Specialized Concentrations

Students can choose to follow a general track with no specialization, or they can complete one of three concentration areas:

  • Healthcare Administration. Be a healthcare leader who helps manage teams, design programs, and improve patient outcomes in hospitals and their networks, healthcare systems, and public health systems.
  • Clinical Trials Administration. Be one of the dedicated individuals who help determine the safety and effectiveness of medications, devices, diagnostic products, and treatment regimens.
  • Population Health. Taking the macro view, the goals in this field include improving the health of an entire population and reducing health inequities among different groups.

What Will I Study?

All students in an undergraduate program at the University of New Haven complete the University Core Curriculum. The Health Sciences core curriculum is 48 credits, plus an additional 15 credits in one of the three concentration areas and 18 credits of unrestricted electives in an area of your choosing.

University Core Curriculum (41 credits) 

These 41 credits in areas like communication, analysis and problem solving, technology, history and citizenship, social interaction and global perspective, and aesthetic responsiveness give you the well-rounded educational foundation needed to be competitive in any field. Learn more >

Health Sciences Curriculum (48 credits)

All Health Sciences majors will take these courses
Introduction to Health Professions Health Sciences Research Methods and Design
Introduction to US Healthcare System Principles of Epidemiology
Biology I for Science Majors with Lab Health Economics and Finance
Human Anatomy and Physiology I with Lab Health Data Systems
Human Anatomy and Physiology II with Lab Health Law and Regulation
Microbiology or Genetics or Cell Biology Healthcare Leadership
Health Communication Health Sciences Research and Writing
Health Psychology or Medical Sociology Cultural Competence in Healthcare
Health Sciences Experience I Health Sciences Capstone

Health Sciences Electives (15 credits)

Healthcare Administration Focus Clinical Research Admin. Focus Population Health & Advocacy Focus
Healthcare Quality and Patient Experience Principles & Processes of Clinical Research Introduction to Population Health
  Good Clinical Practice Health Education and Promotion
  Monitoring & Compliance of Clinical Trials Health System Navigation and Advocacy
  Research Ethics
Environmental and Occupational Health

Students taking at least 4 courses within each category will have completed the relevant “focus area”. 

Unrestricted Electives (18 credits)

Explore six unrestricted electives in another area of your choosing for a total of 18 credits. Maybe you like to explore the world? This is enough unrestricted courses to allow students to spend a semester at our Tuscany Campus in Prato, Italy.

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Selected Courses and Programs
  • Full List of Courses for Health Sciences, B.S.

    The University of New Haven offers a wide variety of in-depth courses that create a transformational educational experience for our students. To view the complete list of courses you'll take while pursuing a B.S. in Health Sciences, check out the Academic Catalog:

    Health Sciences, B.S.

Envision Your Future

The information below is designed to show the many possible careers you could pursue with your major. The research is provided by Encoura, the leading research and advisory firm focused exclusively on higher education. It includes median national salaries and industry growth projections over the next decade. Click here to view the full report.


Healthcare Administrator

15% Growth 2017-2027


Laboratory Technologist

14% Growth 2017-2027


Medical Sales Representative

9% Growth 2017-2027

Charger Advantage

Get an inside look at what differentiates the University of New Haven and how your experiences as a student will prepare you for success.

Nationally Recognized Center for Career Development

All University of New Haven students have access to the many resources available through the University’s Career Development Center, which has been named one of the best in the nation by The Princeton Review.

From career assessments, networking, and job shadowing to on-campus interviews and salary negotiation, the Career Development Center provides the skills and connections to identify a meaningful career and an opportunity to pursue your passion.

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We prepare you for all career possibilities

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One-On-One Advising

Interested in become a physician, physician assistant, physical therapist, occupational therapist, or related health professional? We're here to make sure you have the knowledge, experiences, and support you need to navigate the medical school admissions process.

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An image of students in the Pre-Health Professions Program

Pre-Health Professions Scholars Program

The Pre-Health Professions (PHP) Scholars Program at the University of New Haven provides undergraduate students with a rigorous four-year experience that will help guide them to the right health professions career or graduate program.

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Pre-Medical Studies Designation

At the University of New Haven, we take a unique and progressive approach to preparing our students to attend medical school through the pre-medical studies designation. Through rigorous coursework, students will attain the skills, knowledge, and abilities to create a strong foundation for their progression into medical school.

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Next Steps
  • Admission Requirements

    Whether you're still in high school or are transferring from another college, we offer full- and part-time opportunities for undergraduates from inside the U.S. and abroad. The admission process can begin as early as the end of your high school junior year.

    The Application Process

  • Financial Aid Opportunities

    We offer a comprehensive financial aid program, with students receiving assistance in the form of grants, scholarships, student loans, and part-time employment. Funds are available from federal and state governments, private sponsors, and from university resources. More than 85 percent of the University's full-time undergraduate students receive some form of financial assistance.

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