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Pick Up Campus Card and Parking Permit

Pick Up Your Campus Card

Once you have been accepted and have received your registration information, you can obtain your UNH ID card ("Campus Card") in the Campus Card office, which is located in the campus bookstore. Click here to visit the Campus Card website for hours of operation and location information.

The Campus Card office will take your picture on-site, or there is an option to submit a photo, which is described in Step 11 of the Road Map for New Graduate Students. You will also be able to have your photo taken or pick up your Campus Card on the day of Graduate Orientation.

Please note: You cannot pick up your campus parking permit until you have your Campus Card.

Pick Up Your Parking Permit

If you will have a car while you are studying at UNH, you will need to obtain a campus parking permit (regardless of whether your classes are on the West Haven or Orange campus). In order to obtain your parking permit, you must first register your vehicle through our online parking permit registration system. Details are described in Step 10 of the Road Map for New Graduate Students.

Please note: As stated above, you cannot pick up your campus parking permit until you have gotten your Campus Card.

Once you have registered for your parking permit online, and have obtained your Campus Card, you can pick up your parking permit at UNH Police. You should wait at least 24 hours between the time you request the parking permit online and when you go to pick it up at UNH Police. You must bring not only your Campus Card, but also your vehicle registration, in order to successfully pick up your parking permit.

Parking permits will also be available for pickup at the graduate orientation. Please bring your Campus Card and vehicle registration.

Please note: Parking permits are re-issued every year starting in July, so if you register for your permit before this time, your parking permit will not be available until UNH Police makes them available for the latest academic year.

What do I need to do to complete Step 12?
  • Read the instructions above
  • If you did not submit a photo in Step 11, but wish to do so, click the link above or go back to Step 11. 
  • If you do not wish to submit a photo, or have already completed that step, simply visit the Campus Card office during their operating hours to obtain your Campus Card.
  • If you did not request a parking permit in Step 10, must wish to do so, click the link above or go back to Step 10.
  • If you have already requested a parking permit, simply visit the UNH Police to pick up your permit. Please allow at least 24 hours for processing.
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  1. Questions?

    If you have questions about your campus card, please contact the Campus Card Office at or call (203) 932-7062.

    If you have questions about your parking permit, please contact UNH Police by calling (203) 932-7014.
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