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Complete Placement Surveys


Complete Placement Surveys

Welcome to the University of New Haven!

One crucial element in college success is matching you with courses that best suit your current level, providing you the optimum level of challenge without overwhelming you in a class that is too much of a stretch. To this end, UNH has developed a methodology for placing new UNH students into courses prior to registration. Please take a moment to read about placement for English, Math and Modern Languages.

Where a placement survey is required, it is important to note that these are not tests and there are no grades or published scores associated with either one. These tools are just a part of our commitment to providing you the best education possible, tailored to your needs.

Based in part on the results of these surveys, you will be registered for spring semester classes at Winter SOAR on January 21.


The First-Year Writing Program includes three courses: ENGL 1103 Developmental Writing, ENGL 1105 Composition, and ENGL 1110 Composition and Literature.

Students are placed in these courses by their SAT scores.

Any new student who has not taken the SAT should notify Richard Farrell, director of the program, at

The Math placement survey is required for all new UNH students. It will be used to initially place you into the appropriate level of Math at UNH. (Upon arrival at UNH, some students will be asked to take a second placement survey in the Math Zone to determine exactly where in that program they should begin.)

We recommend that you set aside 45-60 minuts to complete the Math placement survey.

Access the Math placement survey via the Placement Surveys link below.
Modern Languages

Students who are interested in taking one of the many Modern Languages offerings at UNH may begin at the Introductory level (1101).

However, those that would like to start at a higher level are encouraged to take a placement survey. This is particularly important if you have previous experience with a foreign language through course work, or speaking at home or abroad.

Currently, we offer placement exams in Chinese, French, German, Russian, and Spanish. (We will be adding placement exams in Arabic and Italian in the future. To find out about advanced placement for those languages, contact Alessia Dalsant at

Students should set aside 10-15 minutes for the Modern Languages placement survey.

Access the Modern Languages placement survey via the Placement Surveys link below.

Deadline is January 10

DEADLINE: Placement Surveys must be completed by January 10. We strongly encourage you to complete them as soon as possible.

What do I need to do to complete Step 4?
  • If you have not taken the SAT, follow the instructions above for emailing Rick Farrell to notify the Department of English and arrange for English placement.
  • All students should take the Math placement survey, while only those students who would like to take a modern language course should take the Modern Languages placement survey.
  • To begin a survey, click the orange "Placement Surveys" button below.
  • Instructions about accessing the Placement Surveys will open in a new window.
  • Once you have completed the Math survey (all students) and Modern Languages placement survey (if applicable), come back to this page and click the sign below to advance to Step 5.  
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    Contact information will be provided within the placement surveys.

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