KEEN Online Training Program

Course Description

You will learn how to:

  • Work with your instructional design team to align outcomes, assignments, assessments, and technology
  • Create a positive, engaging, interactive online learning environment
  • Create authentic learning activities and assessments that promote deep learning

You also will learn about the course design process at the University of New Haven from the research behind our template and storyboard designs to the most effective ways to work with your design team.

Download Foundation of Online Course Development (PDF).  

Writing Learning Outcomes for Your Proposed Module

Try a short interactive exercise on learning outcomes, click here. 

Using the Bloom's Taxonomy interactive, check your work. Is there anything you'd like to change?

Our working definition of learning outcomes can be boiled down to the following fill-in-the-blank sentence. 

After completion of this course, you should be able to: ________________________.
Outcomes don't just help you plan your course, they help students understand and plan their learning. Note that the sentence addresses the student.

Strong Outcomes

Outcomes should be: 

  • Clear
  • HOT (Focused on a Higher Order Thinking skill or activity. See Bloom's Taxonomy in the next item. HOT skills are at Bloom's application level or higher and are appropriate for all levels of instruction. However, some intro courses may include lower level skills.)
  • Measurable (How can you tell if an outcome has been met if you have no way to measure it?)
  • Observable (How can you measure what you cannot observe?)
  • Authentic whenever possible (Linked to real application of knowledge or a skill)

Verbs are Important

  • Use only one verb per outcome
  • Choose a verb that is overt.

Bloom’s Action Verbs

Action Verbs That Could Be Used When Writing Cognitive Learning Objectives

  • define
  • repeat
  • record
  • list
  • recall
  • name
  • relate
  • tell
  • quote
  • label
  • name
  • restate
  • discuss
  • recognize
  • explain
  • identify
  • locate
  • report
  • review
  • express
  • summarize
  • describe
  • interpret
  • predict
  • distinguish
  • differentiate
  • apply
  • use
  • demonstrate
  • practice
  • illustrate
  • operate
  • schedule
  • calculate
  • complete
  • show
  • solve
  • examine
  • modify
  • change
  • relate
  • analyze
  • differentiate
  • appraise
  • calculate
  • categorize
  • experiment
  • test
  • compare
  • contrast
  • diagram
  • relate
  • solve
  • examine
  • separate
  • classify
  • arrange
  • divide
  • select
  • plan
  • propose
  • design
  • formulate
  • arrange
  • assemble
  • collect
  • construct
  • organize
  • manage
  • prepare
  • combine
  • modify
  • substitute
  • appraise
  • evaluate
  • rate
  • compare
  • value
  • revise
  • score
  • select
  • choose
  • assess
  • estimate
  • measure
  • decide
  • rank
  • recommend
  • convince
  • conclude

Covert Verbs – Not to Be Used When Writing Cognitive Learning Objectives

  • know
  • familiarize
  • gain knowledge of
  • comprehend
  • study
  • cover
  • understand
  • be aware
  • learn
  • appreciate
  • become acquainted with
  • realize

Source: VAG Spring Drive-In Workshop Writing Measurable Objectives

Tying learning outcomes to Bloom’s Taxonomy also helps keep the focus on what students should be able to do. Are your learning outcomes focused on the appropriate level of learning? How do they relate to Bloom’s?

To create each outcome for your module, think about a concept you want students to learn in your online module. Then answer the following questions.

  • Complete this sentence: After completion of this module, you should be able to ____________. (refer to the active verb list above.)
    1. Is this a higher order thinking (HOT) skill?
    1. What type of assessment would meet this objective/outcome?

Vanderbilt University’s Center for Teaching also is an excellent resource for information on Bloom's Taxonomy interactive.

Learning outcomes will be the foundation of your online module.  Please read this information carefully before submitting your proposal.