Jestine Philip, Ph.D.

Jestine Philip Image
Assistant Professor

Management Department
Pompea College of Business

Ph.D., University of North Texas, G. Brint Ryan Pompea College of Business, 2019
Organizational Behavior and Human Resources

MBA, University of North Texas, G. Brint Ryan Pompea College of Business, 2015

Journal Publications

Philip, J. (2018). An Application of the Dynamic Knowledge Creation Model in Big Data. Technology in Society. 54,   120-127.

Philip, J. and Salimath, M. (2018). A Value Proposition for Cyberspace Management in Organizations.. Business Information Review. 35 (3), 122-127.

Conference Presentations (Refereed)

Philip, J. and Bongiovanni, I. (2019). The Sweet Spot: Exploring the Avenues for Research on Emerging Technologies in Management. Academy of Management (AOM), Boston, MA.

Philip, J. (2018). Opportunities and Challenges in Big Data Research - The Path Forward. Academy of Management (AOM). Chicago, IL.

Philip, J. (2018). A Psychology of Working Perspective for Internet Freelancers. Southern Management Association (SMA). Lexington, KY.

Philip, J. and Hancock, J. (2018). Talent Futures: The Influence of Big Data on Talent Decisions. Academy of Management (AOM) specialized conference - Big Data and Managing in a Digital Economy . University of Surrey, United Kingdom.

Philip, J. (2017). How effective are HRM Practices and Managerial Support on Employee Job Crafting? Decision Sciences Institute (DSI). Washington D.C.

Philip, J. and Struckell, E. (2017). Linear vs Quadratic, SPSS vs SAS in Predictive Discriminant Analysis. Decision Sciences Institute (DSI). Washington D.C.

Philip, J. (2017). An Empirical Examination of Proactive Personality and Political Skill in Job Redesign Activities. Southern Management Association (SMA). St. Petersburg Beach, FL.

Guo, W., Philip, J. and Hancock, J. (2017). To Breed or Not to Breed: A Typology and Framework of Parental Leave in the Workplace. Southern Management Association (SMA). St. Petersburg Beach, FL.

Philip, J. and Salimath, M. (2017). Towards an Understanding of Cyber Resources, Cyber Management, and Value Creation. Academy of Management (AOM). Atlanta, GA.

Philip, J. and Medina, M. (2017). The Why before the Why: The Effects of Embeddedness on Organizational Commitment. Academy of Management. Atlanta, GA.

Philip, J. (2017). A Classification Structure of Organizational Outcomes using Big Data. Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP). Orlando, FL.

Philip, J. (2017). Securing Cyberspace: Current Response Strategies and the Way Forward. Academy of International Business (AIB) US Midwest. Chicago, IL.

Philip, J. (2017). The Globalization of Cyberattacks: The Need for Rapid Learning Processes. Southwest Academy of Management (SWAM). Little Rock, AR.

Philip, J., Najmi, H., Orudzheva, L., and Struckell, E. (2016). Work Life Overlap in the Millennial Generation: The Role of Ubiquitous Technology. Southern Management Association (SMA). Charlotte, NC.

Philip, J. (2016). The Role of Organizational Learning in Cybersecurity Management: A Framework of Antecedent Factors. Decision Sciences Institute (DSI). Austin, TX.

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