Vania Ruzzi

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Residential Life Coordinator
Tuscany Campus in Prato

Study Abroad
About Vania

Vania Ruzzi was born and raised in Pistoia, a small city 15 minutes away from Prato. She is completing her degree in Foreign Languages and Literature at the University of Florence. She studies English, Spanish, and Portuguese. She spent six months in San Francisco, California, tutoring children. She has also spent a lot of time in Scotland.

As Residential Life Director, Vania manages all aspects regarding the students’ Residential Life: housing, rooming, coordination and supervising of Ras, maintenance, health and safety, dorm meetings, and more. She handles any issue or concern regarding student conduct with the campus residences. Vania is also available to the students for any sort of problem that may arise during their stay in the residence while abroad, from roommate disagreements to dealing with culture shock and missing home. Finally, she also coordinates the VIP Teaching Program.

She has worked as a private teacher and has previously worked in the field of Study Abroad. Vania loves writing, music, and traveling. She likes visiting new places and finding out how people live in other countries. She thinks different cultures and languages are two of the most fascinating things about being human and that being different is an underestimated richness. Her favorite city in Europe is Lisbon, but she would love to go back to Ireland and spend some time there. Also, living by the sea makes her happy. One of her goals is to publish a good book and finally see her dream come true: do the "Route 66"!