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‘I Have Learned A Lot About a Virtual Work Setting’

My virtual internship as a senior editor with NYC Tastemakers, which covers events, news, and gossip, has enabled me to gain valuable experience working remotely, while strengthening my journalism and critical thinking skills.

Aug 9, 2021

By Amanda Castro ’22

Amanda Castro ’22
Amanda Castro ’22, senior editor for NYC Tastemakers and a communication major at the University.

Thanks to my summer internship with NYC Tastemakers, I have been able to experience a fully virtual work environment. Prior to this experience, I had never worked virtually before, save for the pandemic online learning experiences we shared as a university community.

I have quickly become accustomed to this type of work environment, and I have learned a lot about a virtual work setting. Though the world had already begun to change in terms of technology and the many issues that can be tackled through technology, it became evident just how much we can do working virtually. Being able to work virtually has been a blessing in disguise, as it has allowed many of us to learn how to work with numerous new technologies.

I had experience working as the managing editor of the Charger Bulletin at the University of New Haven but it became impossible to get a full-on newsroom experience because of the effects of the pandemic. However, having done a lot of these newsroom meetings virtually, I was prepared to experience these with ease as I began my internship.

While I still have a desire to one day experience in person being able to storyboard with a team and work on topics to write about, I think this internship has worked out incredibly well. We can still find a way to do all these things by listening to each other on media such as Zoom or phone calls.

Throughout my academic career, I have been able to learn how to think critically and to be able to manage information correctly. During my internship with NYC Tastemakers, being able to think critically has proven to be significant in many areas. For instance, I have been instructed to interview numerous subjects since the beginning of my internship. To be able to come up with a preliminary list of questions, I must be able to consider what direction I want the conversation to go.

Additionally, while I am interviewing the subject, I must be able to evaluate the information I’m being given in order to respond in the correct manner and to come up with follow-up questions when applicable.

Being able to practice critical thinking gives me a greater understanding of myself, my motivation, and my objectives. Similarly, it allows me to improve my work ethic and encourage my own personal growth. Critical thinking is essentially a process of questioning and analyzing information and knowledge. Anything and everything is subject to questioning and scrutiny to work toward the goal of building reasoned viewpoints and reaching appropriate conclusions. This is a skill that will serve me well throughout my career.

Amanda Castro ’22, a communication major at the University of New Haven, is completing an internship at NYC Tastemakers as part of the University’s Bergami Summer Internship Program.