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Engineering Major, ROTC Student Recognized Among Best in the Country by U.S. Army Cadet Command

Anyssa Poirier ’21 has excelled as a mechanical engineering student at the University of New Haven and as an ROTC cadet. Her hard work and success have been recognized by U.S. Army Cadet Command, which has ranked her fourth in the country out of thousands of senior cadets nationwide.

February 22, 2021

By Molly Reagan ’22

Anyssa Poirier
Anyssa Poirier ’21 participating in a Tough Mudder race.

The University of New Haven’s ROTC program has an accomplished track record of producing well-rounded students who are beyond prepared for the workforce when they graduate. As part of an ongoing series, we’ll introduce you to members of the ROTC and tell you more about their experiences and their plans for the future.

The first person we’ll spotlight is Anyssa Poirier ’21 from Tolland, Conn. She is making her mark in the engineering program, as well as in her endeavors as a member of the ROTC. Cadet Poirier has been ranked fourth out of about 6,500 cadets across the nation by U.S. Army Cadet Command.

Rising to the Top

Cadet Anyssa Poirier ’21 is an exemplary student who excels in her engineering studies. The course load for engineering students is challenging, and even more so when you add being an active member of the University’s ROTC program. Even with all of her commitments, Cadet Poirier is always doing things to better herself and her peers, both in and out of the program. She is a disciplined student, and she knows herself and how to manage her time. She utilized the resources available to her in order to complete her goals and succeed academically and in the ROTC program.

As many students in college know, time management can make all of the difference in their success. Cadet Poirier made it her duty to get everything done and do it well, and it has surely benefitted her as she reflected upon her years in the engineering program and in ROTC.

anyssa dressed in ROTC uniform.
Cadet Anyssa Poirier ’21 is a member of the ROTC program.

While setting an example in her academics, Cadet Poirier has proven to always be someone you can count on and look up to in ROTC. She always is there to help her peers, not only through her words, but through actions as well. She was a co-captain for the Ranger Challenge team in 2019, and she exceeds the physical fitness standards, and uses her charismatic skills and interpersonal tact to motivate everyone around her.

Cadet Poirier’s hard work throughout the past three and a half years as a college student and dedicated cadet have led her to being ranked fourth out of all of the senior cadets across the country in Army ROTC.

She has participated in many physically challenging races, such as Tough Mudder and obstacle course races, along with excelling physically in ROTC and surpassing the standards. She is an outstanding example for women in the program and beyond, excelling in the traditionally male-dominated field of engineering.

Cadet Poirier has also given back to her community by helping out at the VA. She was a peer mentor through a Sikorsky outreach project for high school students, and she serves as secretary of Theta Tau, an engineering organization on campus.

Despite her busy schedule, Cadet Poirier embodies the attributes and competencies of an Army leader every day. She is a model student, cadet, leader, and teammate, always showing up and lifting the spirits of those around her.

Going Forward

Cadet Poirier is looking forward to the future knowing she has the foundation to be successful in the Army and wherever else her career might take her. She will be graduating from the University in May, with a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering and will be commissioned into the United States Army South Carolina National Guard as an Armor officer. She will attend the Basic Officer Leadership Course (BOLC) for Armor at Fort Benning, Georgia, in early fall.

Cadet Poirier is looking forward to her time in the National Guard and is exploring job opportunities in engineering, specifically in research and development. She also aims to get back into more competitive events such as triathlons, gymnastics, or, perhaps, CrossFit. Everyone who knows Anyssa can testify to the idea that she can and will do whatever she puts her mind to and will continue to rise to the top.

Congratulations to Cadet Anyssa Poirier for her success in ROTC, at the University of New Haven, and for all she is sure to accomplish in the future.

Molly Reagan ’22 is national security major at the University of New Haven who serves as an ROTC student assistant.