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‘The University Made This Diwali Very Special’

Although my family is thousands of miles away, I was grateful to celebrate Diwali, known as the “Festival of Lights,” with my fellow Chargers. It was a fun way to mark the start of the Hindu New Year together while enjoying music and dance performances.

November 11, 2021

By Tanu Sharma ’22 MBA.

Member's of the University's ISC
Members of the University’s Indian Student Council celebrate Diwali.

Diwali is an Indian festival of lights that marks the start of the Hindu New Year. Diwali is one of the most widely observed festivals in the world. It is often known as the "Festival of Lights," as light triumphs over darkness, and good triumphs over evil.

Image of Tanu Sharma and Angela Karachristos.
Tanu Sharma ’22 MBA (right) and Angela Karachristos, international employer relations manager for the University’s Career Development Center.

The festival's events and rituals usually last for five days. Diwali is a prominent South Asian celebration that is observed by 5.4 million people across the United States.

After months of questions over whether Diwali celebrations would take place due to COVID-19-related concerns, we were able to celebrate together in-person on campus. The University’s Indian Student Council celebrates Diwali every year. Many Indian and international community members attended the Diwali festival celebration. This event had a lot of fun and entertaining performances such as solo dance, singing, and group dance.

Indian student members and faculty attended the event in huge numbers. I can't imagine a Diwali without putting up colorful lights, sparkling lamps around my house, performing prayer, and then taking photographs with friends and family.

This Diwali celebration was thousands of miles away from my family, but the University made this Diwali very special for the Indian students.

Tanu Sharma ’22 MBA, a native of Ghaziabad, India, is vice president of operations and communications for the University’s Women in Business Club.

Image of dancers at the Universty's Diwali celebration.
Dancing and singing performances were a fun part of the University’s Diwali celebration.