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Volunteering at University TV Production Workshop ‘Showed Me that I Am on a Good Path’

My experience as a volunteer filming the FOX61 Teacher’s Workshop, held recently at the University of New Haven, enabled me to learn from professionals while building my skills.

October 14, 2021

By Tyler Garnet ’22

Image from Fox 61 workshop.
Local high school teachers learned best practices as part of the workshop (All photos by Emily Mendel ’22).

As a communication major with a concentration in TV/video production at the University, I have found that there are always plenty of opportunities for me to learn from the professors who have worked in the business, and also from local news professionals.

L'dianaudd Calice ’23
L'dianaudd Calice ’23, a communication major, films the workshop.

One recent event brought FOX61 anchors and camera operators to the University to teach local high school teachers best practices for storytelling, creating a news package, and general shooting and editing tips.

I was thrilled to take part in this event. My job was to film it, but it ended up being so much more to me. I listened to every word and tried to learn as much as possible. Most of the information each speaker shared was something that I already learned before. If it was something I had never thought of or heard before, I made sure to write it down.

Tyler Garnet ’22.
Tyler Garnet ’22 filming the FOX61 Teacher’s Workshop.

It was encouraging knowing all the information I have learned at the University of New Haven is preparing me to take the next step into the real world. This event showed me that I am on a good path, but that there is always more that can be done to prepare. It has made me more determined to improve my current skills.

I enjoy making news packages. I and have done this since I was in high school, and I made them for our local YouTube channel. It was great seeing the amount of high school teachers showing up because it shows they care about their students and want to be able to give them the best information possible.

After I graduate, I dream of being an anchor or reporter for a sports station. I have such a strong passion for sports, and I like being in front of a camera, so I would love to one day work for ESPN or MLB Network.

Paul Falcone showing off University's television studio.
Paul Falcone (far right), director of studio operations and media production, shows off the University’s new television studio.

This event taught me a lot of new skills and how to improve the skills I already have. All in all, the event will help me make better news packages and help my future career path.

Tyler Garnet ’22 is a communication major at the University of New Haven.