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‘I Am Now More Confident than Ever in My Abilities’

My internship at SafeAbroad this summer helped me broaden my career possibilities within the field of criminal justice while enabling me to deepen my critical thinking skills, organizational skills, and my belief in myself.

Sept 3, 2021

By Samantha Bardelli ’22

Samantha Bardelli ’22
Samantha Bardelli ’22 at the University of New Haven.

My time at SafeAbroad was a very enlightening and enjoyable experience. I took a chance on an opportunity that fell outside of my comfort zone, and in return, I was rewarded with a wider comfort zone.

Throughout my time at SafeAbroad, my self-confidence has grown considerably, as I have discovered that I am more capable than I gave myself credit for. I went into my internship at SafeAbroad feeling insecure in my position, but after diligent training and applying myself to the work assigned to me, I found myself comfortable as an intelligence analyst. The work began to come naturally to me, and writing proper advisories is now second nature.

I learned that, once you venture into the private sector, there can be more to the criminal justice field than law enforcement. Excelling in my internship has even offered me job opportunities at SafeAbroad outside the realm of duties as an intern. My newfound confidence in myself allowed me to accept these opportunities. After again finding myself in a new position and quickly adapting, I have discovered that this could be the career field for me.

Before my time at SafeAbroad, I had one plan for myself: to become an investigator. Now, it feels like I have endless options for my career. While I thoroughly enjoy the material in my courses at the University, the work I do at SafeAbroad is very different, and I am able to excel in that environment. I still have another year left at the University to decide which path to take, but it is exciting to see such variety in the opportunities that lay ahead for me.

Working at SafeAbroad has given me a whole new perspective on criminal justice as a whole, and I can’t wait to apply this to my courses at the University. I am excited to offer new points in class discussions, bring a new perspective to group projects, and produce work that stands out from the rest.

Not only has SafeAbroad exposed me to new topics, but throughout the course of my internship I have developed skills that will also help me excel in my final year of college, and beyond. I have learned to believe in myself. I have enhanced my organizational skills. I have developed my critical thinking skills beyond what you can learn in a classroom.

By applying what I learned in my criminal justice courses at the University to the real world, I was able to land a position in SafeAbroad’s internship program and thrive. Now it is time to apply everything that SafeAbroad has taught me to my studies and my future pursuits.

After developing my character in SafeAbroad’s program, I feel confident I will be able to adapt in whichever career path I end up taking. I am now more confident than ever in my abilities, and I am very proud of my experience at SafeAbroad.

Samantha Bardelli ’22, a criminal justice major at the University of New Haven, completed an internship at SafeAbroad as part of the University’s Bergami Summer Internship Program.