2007 SURF Projects

Projects and Papers


Collaborators Projects

Student: Jeremy J. Esposito and Kimberly Perrelli

Mentor: Carmela Cuomo

Aquaculture of Limulus polyphemus, a biomedically important organism: Captive Spawning and Larval Grow-Out

Student: Jessica Emerson and Brian Vogel

Mentor: Joseph Smolinski

From virtual to real: Explorations in computer aided sculpture

Student: Katherine Carpenter

Mentor: Eva Sapi

Establishment of an in bitro systemto study Borrelia burgdorferi biofilm formation

Student: Brian Francisco

Mentor: Saion Sinha

Unlocking the material sensing abilities of the Atomic force microscope at the University of New Haven

Student: Mike Cicero

Mentor: Roman Zajac

Development of genetic markers for polydora cornuta (Annelida: Polychaeta) for population ecology studies

Student: Courtney Jones

Mentor: Charles Vigue

Mutation Detection: Pantothenate Kinase associated nurodegeneration

Student: Julie A. Hull

Mentor: Virginia Maxwell

You are what and where you eat: An investigation of the link between environment and mineral composition in bone tissue

Student: Alice Coppock

Mentor: Pauline Schwartz

Computational Chemistry of Parrondo’s Paradox

Student: Leah Pandiscia

Mentor: Nancy Savage

Electrochromic behavior of layered WO3-Polypyrrole films

Student: Daniel Osipovitch

Mentor: Pauline Schwartz

Optimization and Validation of a Computational model of two-temperature PCR

Student: Kelli Sladick

Mentor: Howard A. Harris

Examination of cocaine base/cocaine hydrochloride mixtures

Student: Western Zickefoose

Mentor: David Harding

Initiating bioengineering at the University of New Haven: The bioreactor demonstration project

Student: Brandon Bujnowski

Mentor: Bradley Woodworth

Human aesthetic response to music and film

Student: Jaime Miller

Mentor: Eva Sapi

Microfilarial Nematodes as Potential Tick-Borne Pathogens