2008 SURF Projects

Projects and Papers


Collaborators Projects

Student: Jaime Miller

Mentor: Eva Sapi

Microfilarial Nematodes as Potential Tick-borne Pathogens

Student: Courtney Jones

Mentor: Charles Vigue

Mutation Detection in Pantothenate Kinase Associated Neurodegeneration

Student: Katherine Carpenter

Mentor: Eva Sapi

Study of the Development of Biofilm Formation of Borrelia Burgdorferi

Student: Kelli Sladick

Mentor: Howard A. Harris

Examination of Cocaine Base and Cocaine Hydrochloride Mixtures

Student: Leah Pandiscia

Mentor: Nancy Savage

Preparation of Tungsten Trioxide and Polypyrrole Films for Electrochromic Composites

Student: Jeremy Esposito

Mentor: Carmela Cuomo

Aquaculture of Limulus Polyphemus, a Biomedically Important Organism

Student: Jessica Emerson

Mentor: Joseph Smolinski

From Virtual to Real: Computer Aided Sculpture

Student: Michael Cicero

Mentor: Roman Zajac

Development of Genetic Markers for Polydora Cornuta (Annelida: Polychaeta) for Population Ecology Studies

Student: Julie Hull

Mentor: Virginia Maxwell

You are What and Where You Eat: An Investigation of the Link between Environment and Mineral Composition in Bone Tissue

Student: Daniel C. Osipovitch & Alice Coppock

Mentor: Pauline Schwartz

Systems Chemistry and Parrondo's Paradox: Computational Models of Thermal Cycling

Student: Brian Vogel

Mentor: Joseph Smolinksi

From Virtual to Real: Computer-Aided Sculpture