2010 SURF Projects

Projects and Papers


Collaborators Projects

Student: Nicole Reardon

Mentor: Shannon Ciston

Marine Biofilms in the Long Island Sound

Student: Stephanie Lechen

Mentor: Nancy Savage

Tungsten Trioxide-Polypyrrole Sensing Films

Student: Joseph Hawthorne

Mentor: Saion Sinha & Jason White

Accumulation of Engineered Nanoparticles to Agricultural Crops

Student: Stephan Braye

Mentor: Howard Harris

Use of Tannin to Characterize Wood and Soil Debris

Student: Peter Shindler

Mentor: Saion Sinha

Using Monte Carlo Simulation to Improve the Accuracy of Nanotechnology-Based Detection of Lyme Disease-Causing Bacteria

Student: Lucia Moreno

Mentor: Pier Cirillo

Efficient and Environmentally Benign Synthesis of Complex Aromatic Heterocycles

Student: Nicholas Brunetti

Mentor: Carmela Cuomo

Thermal Tolerance of the Larvae of the Invasive Tunicate Styela clava

Student: Danielle Gorka

Mentor: Nancy Savage

Electrospinning of Molybdenum Oxide-Polypyrrole Composites

Student: Gloria Frankson

Mentor: Eva Sapi

Investigation of allicin as an effective treatment for Lyme Disease

Student: Dante Lepore

Mentor: Pauline Schwartz & Carl Barratt

Models of Non-enzymatic, Autocatalytic eplication of dsRNA under Pre-biotic Conditions using Thermal Cycling

Student: Amanda Scalza

Mentor: W. David Harding

Nanomaterials: Synthesizing and Characterizing Superconductive Nanotubes

Student: Kristin Savoie

Mentor: Charles Vigue

Mutations In the BRCA1 and BRCA2 Genes

Student: Matthew Altonji

Mentor: Amy Thompson

Finalization and Public Delivery of the University of New Haven Carbon Emissions Footprint/Inventory

Student: Kathleen Sandin

Mentor: Carmela Cuomo

Investigating the Relationship Between Sulfide Release from Marine Sediments and the Formation of Hypoxia in Smithtown Bay, New York

Student: Michael Camardella

Mentor: John Kelly

Investigating the Influence of Hypoxia on the Sub-Lethal Stress Response of Marine Invertebrates in Smithtown Bay, NY

Student: Jason Beauregard

The Music Industry Circa 2010/The State of the Music Industry: An Analysis

Student: Stephen Klepner

Mentor: Roman Zajac

Response of fiddler crabs Uca spp. In salt marshes to changing habitat structure on salt marshes and relationships to seal-level rise.