2011 SURF Projects

Projects and Papers


Collaborators Projects

Student: Erin Kelly

Mentor: Roman Zajac

How Changes in Salt Marshes Caused by Sea Level Rise and Global Warming may be Affecting Populations of the Salt Marsh Snail, Melampus Bidentatus

Student: Gerald W. McDoom

Mentor: Pier F. Cirillo

Molecular Engineering: Design and Synthesis of Metal Free Dyes Bearing Double Acceptor Groups for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSC's)

Student: Laura McLoughlin

Mentor: Juline Mills

Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite: An Analysis of Proactive Pest Control Practices in the Lodging Industry

Student: Lucia Moreno

Mentor: Pier F. Cirillo

Progress Towards the Synthesis of Indolizidine via the Borrowing Hydrogen-Methodology

Student: Brandy N. Morneau & Jaclyn M. Kubala

Mentor: Pauline Schwartz & Carl Barratt

A Signature of Life: Evolution of Homochirality in a Chemical Model System

Student: Kristine Olli

Mentor: Rosemary Whelan

Effect of Temperature and Hypoxia on HSP70 expression in Long Island Sound Shrimp

Student: Jane Schwab

Mentor: Maria Carnasciali

Validation of CFD Simulation: Flow Over a Cylinder

Student: Adam D. Sipperly

Mentor: Maria Carnasciali

Integration of System Engineering Tools that Support Design and Development Activities

Student: Michael G. Smircich

Mentor: Roman Zajac

Interactions between Invasive Shore Crabs,Hemigrapsus Sanguineus, and Blue Crabs,Callinctes Sapidus, and Implications for Nearshore Ecology

Student: Emily Sobestanovich & Dominique Stasulli

Mentor: Michael Adamowicz

Optimizing Retrieval Techniques for DNA Extractions in Trace Evidence

Student: Patrick R. Vogt

Mentor: John Kelly

Physiological Effects of Recreational Catch and Release Angling on Summer Flounder (Paralichthys Dentatus) in Long Island Sound

Student: Amy Havens

Mentor: Carmela Cuomo

The Effects of Temperature on Respiration and the Resting Metabolic Rate of Early Life Stages of Atlantic Horseshoe Crab (Limulus Polyphemus)

Student: Amanda L. DeBiase

Mentor: Howard Harris

Use of Ink Jet Printing for the Preparation of Latent Fingerprint Standards on Paper and Plastic