2017 SURF Projects

Projects and Papers

Collaborators Project
Student: Benjamin Atwater
Mentor: Armando Rodriguez
Forecasting Film Box Office Performance Using Naïve Bayes Analysis in R Studios
Student: Danielle Belskis
Mentor: Chong Qui
Collection of Micrometeorite at the University of New Haven
Student: Shaina Bernard
Mentor: Patricia Miranda
The Politics and Processes of Patronage in the Renaissance
Student: David Berube
Mentor: Can Aktas
Innovative Applications of Piezoelectric generators: Analyzing efficacy and feasibility
Student: Kelsey Bettex
Mentor: Claire Glynn
Investigating the potential negative impact of antioxidants on the chemiluminescent detection of blood stains at crime scenes
Student: Kellie Bundschuh
Mentor: Kento Yasuhara
Protocol Assessment of Community Solutions Inc. Alternative in the Community Programs
Student: Stephanie Coffey
Mentor: Yelizaveta Masalimova
Chemistry of Glazes at Different Temperatures
Student: Julianna DeGenova
Mentor: Tarsila Seara
Bridging the Gap between Local Fishery Culture and Management Strategies in Puerto Rico
Student: Valeriay Dion
Mentor: John Kelly
Detection of Alanine by Salt Marsh Species of New Haven Harbor Estuary, CT
Student: Charles Dow
Mentor: Dequan Xiao
Converting Cellulosic Biomass to Liquid Fuels using Sulfur Doped Titanium Dioxide Photocatalyst in Aqueous Solutions
Student: Amber Fearnley
Mentor: Eva Sapi
Effect of Dapsone and its Antimicrobial Combinations on Borrelia burgdorferi Biofilms
Student: Lina Guindy
Mentor: Alyssa Marsico
The analysis of semen stains using Raman spectroscopy and the investigation into the spectral differences based on protein degradation over time
Student: Brianna Hill
Mentor: Christopher R. O'Brien
Microscopic Analysis of dissolved keratinized and calcified tissues in nitric acid
Student: Asia Hutchins
Mentor: Kendell Coker & Melissa Whitson
Barriers to Barriers: Interviews with Local Agencies on Experiences Working with Asian Survivors of Domestic Violence
Student: Adam Jakubowski
Mentor: Byungik Chang
Structural Response of Truss Bridges Under Fire Loading
Student: Ethan Johnson
Mentor: Gail Hartnett
Immunological response of the ribbed mussel (Geukensia demissa) to ocean acidification
Student: Evgenia Kvitko
Mentor: Melanie Eldridge
Effect of toxic heavy metals on the marine amphipod Parhyale hawaiensis: Are its glutathione-S transferase genes regulated by heavy metals?
Student: Dory Lieblein
Mentor: Brooke Kammrath & Peter Massey
A comparison of portable infrared spectrometers and the Nik Field Test for the on-scene Analysis of Cocaine
Student: Patrick McAuliffe
Mentor: Jing Li
Fire Investigation of Residential Electrical Cables Flammability
Student: Syria McCullough
Mentor: Ali Senejani
Evaluating cell survival and DNA damage of cells that are deficient in a DNA repair gene exposed to disinfectant chlorine dioxide
Student: Marissa Mehlrose
Mentor: Amy Carlile
Taxonomic update of historic nori specimens using molecular methods
Student: Brandon Miller
Mentor: Pier F. Cirillo
Total Synthesis of Spiromastixone J
Student: Gabrielle Montlouis
Mentor: Melanie Eldridge
Detection and Tracking Estrogenic and Toxic Substances in the Quinnipiac River
Student: Kayla Moquin
Mentor: Brooke Kammrath
An evaluation of sorbent pens for the extraction and analysis of ignitable liquid residues
Student: Yo Ng
Mentor: Chong Qiu
Monitor Ozone Concentrations at University of New Haven
Student: Justin Ortiz
Mentor: Shira Avidor
Old Masters, New Light
Student: Tina Padavano
Mentor: Jonathan A. Kringen
Analysis of the Spatial Relationship Between Crime and Non-Owner-Occupied Housing in the Newhallville Neighborhood of New Haven
Student: Igor Panchenko
Mentor: Kagya Amoako
Catheter Fabrication and Nitric Oxide Release
Student: Justin Pantano
Mentor: Pier F. Cirillo
Templated Synthesis of Usnic Acid
Student: Jonathan Ramirez
Mentor: Amir Esmailpour
Software Defined Networks
Student: Andrea Silva
Mentor: Christina Zito
Molecular mechanisms by which HPV negative cervical cancer cells cycle and cause an increased cell growth
Student: Rebekah Stafford
Mentor: Melissa Whitson
Parental and Peer Attachment, Adjustment, and Mental Health in First-Year College Students
Student: Raeghan Steelberg
Mentor: David San Pietro
A Comparison of Quantitative Efficiencies of the ABI 7500 SDS (Real-Time PCR) versus Nanodrop Instrumentation
Student: Mark Verrilli
Mentor: David San Pietro
DNA Transfer Assessment
Student: Alicia Wagner
Mentor: Virginia Maxwell
Sequencing Strokes in a Crossed-Line Intersection Using UV-Vis MSP
Student: Mackenzie Whiting
Mentor: Claire Glynn
Qualitative and Quantitative analysis of minute levels of saliva in expirated blood