Family Orientation (SOAR) 2023

As part of the transition process, we offer an orientation program for new students and their families called, SOAR (Student Orientation Advising and Registration). SOAR is designed to provide you, a family member of an incoming student, important information about programs, services and offices that are here to assist you and your student in their transition.

Students must register all guests for SOAR, maximum two guests per student.

How can I register for Family SOAR?

Students must register their family members to attend Family SOAR from within their Accepted Student Portal. Each student can bring up to two guests.
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Why should I attend Family SOAR?

  • It will familiarize you with the campus programs and services available for your student
  • You will have opportunities to meet faculty and administrators who will interact with your student on a daily basi.
  • You will have a chance to interact with other family members and have fun in a relaxed atmosphere
  • It provides information and addresses concerns through faculty and staff presentations, interactive discussions, and information sessions
  • Family SOAR Highlights include: Financing Your Student’s College Education Sessions, Student Life Discussions, Student Success Discussions, and Academic Discussions

Why must my student attend SOAR?

  • To meet their fellow classmates, faculty, and staff
  • To become familiar with University services, programs, policies, and procedures
  • To connect with their Orientation & Transition Leader (OTL), who serves as a resource for any questions you may have over the summer
  • To plan their Fall 2023 academic schedule

Arriving to SOAR

Regardless of whether you drive to campus or get dropped off by other transportation, all students and families should first arrive to Westside Hall parking garage for an initial check-in with health services. Then, you will be directed to park and return to Westside Hall to complete the SOAR check-in process.

Parking and Arrival Map
"As a parent of a new student, I am awed at the number of staff and students attending these sessions to onboard new families. It pleases me and warms my heart. When I see this partnership, I get the sense that students LOVE UNewHaven. I can’t wait for that to be my daughter’s experience."

For more information about how families can support students, visit our Parents and Families page.

Family Orientation (SOAR) Schedule 2023

Details coming soon!