Sri Teja Chinnam, M.S.

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Director of Enrollment Systems

Graduate Admissions
About Sri

"Education is the only treasure that cannot be stolen." "You can’t wake up a person that is pretending to be asleep." These two quotes iterated by my father, Mr. Praveen Kumar Chinnam, have shaped my life, enable me to learn daily, and motivate me to reach my goals.

I graduated from University of New Haven in May 2019 with Master’s in Computer Science. As an international student at the University of New Haven, I had the opportunity to start and coach a Badminton Club. UNewHaven has been my family away from home since the first day of my life in United States and encouraged me to be active in the community. While working closely with Office of Graduate Admissions as both a Graduate Student and now as the Director of Enrollment Systems, I had a privilege to apply my academic knowledge to implement and streamline an automated process in the Office of Graduate Admissions. My team and I will always be happy to help you with your questions about University of New Haven.

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