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Alumna Recognized for Dedication to Fostering Women’s Leadership

Josephine Moran ’01 M.S., ’19 EMBA is devoted to creating mentorship and empowerment opportunities for students and is co-founder of the University’s Women’s Leadership Council. She has been recognized by a trade publication for her efforts to support and inspire women.

February 23, 2021

By Renee Chmiel, Office of Marketing and Communications

Josephine Moran ’01 M.S., ’19 EMBA
Josephine Moran ’01 M.S., ’19 EMBA serves as chair of the University’s Pompea College of Business Advisory Board.

For Josephine Moran ’01 M.S., ’19 EMBA, serving in a leadership role goes beyond the workplace. She is passionate about supporting other women, particularly current students at the University of New Haven.

IndustryEra, a technology magazine that features news, inspiration, and motivation, has honored Moran’s leadership and dedication to supporting women personally and professionally, naming her one of its “10 Best Women Leaders of 2020.” The publication praised her “people-first mindset” and ability to inspire others.

“I am humbled and honored to have been chosen for this list of inspiring women from around the country,” said Moran, an executive vice president and chief corporate services & consumer lending officer at Provident Bank. “It was a great opportunity to share my story of how it is incumbent upon us to support others and make a difference.”

‘If they seek support, it will be provided’

Moran co-founded the University’s Women’s Leadership Council, a group that provides inspiration, guidance, and opportunities for women at the University. It was first conceived in 2018 when Moran became chair of the University’s Pompea College of Business Advisory Board. The group ensures that students have the tools they need to succeed.

Since then, the organization has hosted events on campus and online aimed at educating and empowering women. Moran believes mentors are critical to development and to future opportunities, and she regularly serves as a mentor to current students.

“My hope is that students will realize that there are people out there who are very invested in giving back and assisting them in their personal accomplishments and success,” said Moran, a member of the University’s Board of Governors. “If they seek support, it will be provided. I also hope that students will realize there is tremendous opportunity out there, and anything can be achieved if they are willing to take risks and work diligently.”

Josephine Moran ’01 M.S., ’19 EMBA speaking at a Women’s Leadership Council
Josephine Moran ’01 M.S., ’19 EMBA speaks at a Women’s Leadership Council event at the University in early 2020.

Moran is a member of Provident Bank’s executive management team. She provides leadership and direction to the bank’s retail branch network, retail sales administration, retail sales training, consumer and residential lending, and small business and investment services.

Provident Bank is also focused on employee development and growth, offering programs such as ProvidentWomen, an initiative focused on enabling employees to grow personally and professionally by providing resources such as educational programs and networking events.

“If I am not adding value to my team and others, I am not fulfilling my obligations,” she said. “Also, I continue to learn and grow every day through my interactions with people on all levels.”