Improving Medical Care Through the Use of Sensor Networks

Undergraduate and Graduate Project

Investigators:  Christopher Martinez, Assistant Professor
                          Amber Higgins, B.S. in Computer Engineering and M.S. in Computer Science
                          Cameron MacDonald, M.S. in Computer Engineering
                          Jia Chen, M.S. in Computer Engineering 

Funding:  Grant submission pending

Project Description :  Our society is currently rethinking how health care should be conducted. The out-of-control cost is forcing society to examine how to treat patient in the most cost-effective manner, and technology may provide some solutions.

The research is exploring how to use sensor networks to provide real-time information about the current state of a patient. The sensors collect data on vitals from medical devices used in treatment. Using sensor networks, we are collecting data wirelessly so that doctors and other medical professionals can have a comprehensive view of the patient. The research has the potential to produce patents.

The project is ongoing, and I am always looking for more students to join on the project with skills in embedded systems, sensors, programming, and wireless networks.

Publications:  Amber Higgins and Christopher J. Martinez, "Wireless Sensor Network with a Remote Monitoring Service Application for Patient Monitoring in Medical Environments," ASEE 2012 North East Conference, April 2012.