Explanation of Tuition and Fees

Activity Fee Residence Hall

This fee funds programs and activities within the residence halls.

General Student Fee – Undergraduate and Graduate

The general fee provides a partial contribution supporting essential infrastructure, facilities and institutional services necessary to promote student learning. This fee covers access to health and counseling services and it supports student government and club activities. In addition, this fee supports technology infrastructure initiatives including, but not limited to, networks, electronic information resources, computer laboratories and smart technology classrooms. This fee also covers facility enhancements and student services such as access to the Beckerman Recreation Center. The general fee is charged for each semester in which a student enrolls.

Lab Fee

Lab fees are used to support courses requiring specialized materials and/or a specialized learning environment. If there is no laboratory component associated with a course, a lab fee may still be assessed if specific supplies are needed to operate the class. Lab fees are noted on the Academic Schedule.

Meal Plan
  • All first-year students living on campus are automatically assigned to the Charger Pride Meal Plan. This plan is mandatory for the first-year students.
  • Returning residental students are prompted to select a meal plan during the room selection process through their MyHousing account via myCharger.
  • Commuter students are not required to purchase a meal plan but may sign-up for a plan on the Dining Website.
Room Charge

Students are charged in accordance with the residence hall they are assigned to.

Student Health Insurance

All full-time undergraduate and international (undergraduate and graduate) students are required to have health insurance and are automatically billed for the cost of the University-sponsored student health insurance plan.

Domestic full-time undergraduate students with existing health insurance coverage who wish to waive the coverage offered by the University, must submit an online waiver by the established deadline.

The University student health insurance plan is mandatory for all full-time (undergraduate and graduate) international students and coverage cannot be waived.

Technology Fee

Similar to the general student fee, this fee provides a partial contribution supporting essential infrastructure, facilities and institutional services necessary to promote student learning.

Tuition Credit Overload

Full-time undergraduate students registering for more than 17 credits during a given semester will be charged for each credit according to the per credit hour tuition rates.

Tuition Differential Fee

Tuition differentials are additional fees associated with particular courses. These courses (Chemistry, Computer Science, and Engineering) require additional resources to operate. It is similar in concept to a lab fee, although the course in question does not necessarily have a laboratory component. Differential fees are noted on the Academic Schedule.

Tuition Graduate

Tuition for graduate students is charged per credit hour.

Tuition Undergraduate

Full-time undergraduate tuition covers 12-17 credits per semester. Part-time undergraduate tuition is charged per credit hour. (1-11 credits per semester)