Abbas Nadim, Ph.D.

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Management Department
Pompea College of Business

Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School, 1985. Major: Social Systems Science
MBA, University of California, 1970. Major: Accounting and Finance
BS, Abadan Institute of Technology, 1966. Major: Management and Accounting

About Abbas

I am engaged in teaching at the undergraduate, graduate (Emerging Leaders MBA and regular MBA) as well as the Executive MBA programs. I generally teach courses in Leadership, Strategic Planning with emphasis on sustainable innovation and Entrepreneurship and New Business Development. My research follows the same path of my teaching activities. My publications in the referred journals are in the areas of leadership, small business strategy and sustainability. I am currently working, as part of my sabbatical leave, on a manuscript on alternative management, mostly Organic and Interactive with emphasis on sustainability of the organization’s structure, process, functions, culture and its larger system (including the physical environment).  I am currently completing work on revise and resubmit  of an article on "A system’s view of adaptation and resistance to change", final edit before submission to the Journal of Small Business Strategy on "Increasing the small business viability through health maintenance", and awaiting the outcome of the review process for an article on "Sustainable Innovation"

Published Intellectual Contributions

Conference Proceedings

Nadim, A. (12/31/2011). Social Responsibility, Environmentalism, Sustainability, and Small Businesses: A Systems View. Proceedings of the 2011 Annual Meeting of the Small Business Institute, Florida.

Nadim, A. (12/31/2007). An Open Systems Model of Critical Success Factors. Proceedings of the 2007 International Business & Economic Research Conference in Las Vegas, NV. 

Nadim, A. (12/31/2007). Strategic Leadership: A Systems Perspective. Proceedings of the 2007 International Business & Economic Research Conference, Las Vegas, NV.

Refereed Journal Articles

Singh, P., Nadim, A., Ezzedeen, S. (2012). Leadership Style and Gender: An Extension. Journal of Leadership Studies, 5(4), 6-19. 

Nadim, A., Lussier, R. (2012). Sustainability as a Small Business Competitive Strategy. Journal of Small Business Strategy, 21(2).

Nadim, A., Singh, P. (2011). A System's View of Sustainable Entrepreneurship Education. Journal of Strategic Innovation and Sustainability, 7(2).

Nadim, A., Lussier, R. (2011). Small Business, Community Relations and Sustainability: New Approaches to Success. Academy of Taiwan Business Management Review, 7(3).

Nadim, A., Singh, P. (2008). Do All Institutions Benefit from Leadership Training? Challenging Tradition Through Systems Inquiry. Journal of Leadership Studies, 1(4), 74-83. 

Nadim, A., Singh, P., Parker, J. (2007). Employee relations in small businesses: examining undeveloped issues. International Journal of Human Resources: Development and Management, 7(3-4), 335-349.

Nadim, A., Singh, P. (2005). Leadership Style and Gender: A re-examination and DISC   Extension. 5(3), 333-340.

Sack, A. L., Nadim, A. (2002). Strategic Choices in a Turbulent Environment: A Case Study of Starter Corporation. Journal of Sport Management, 16(I).

Presentations Given

Nadim, A., Singh, P., Association for Global Business 2011 conference, "Organizational Change and Resistance: A Different Look," California. (2011).

Nadim, A., Singh, P., USASBE Annual Conference, "A Systems View of Social and Sustainable Entrepreneurship Education," California. (January 2009).

Nadim, A., International Business & Economic Research Conference., "An Open Systems Model of Critical Success Factors," Las Vegas, Nevada. (2007).

Nadim, A., International Business & Economic Research Conference., "A Systems Perspective," Las Vegas, Nevada. (October 2007). 

Nadim, A., of Society for Advancement in Management, "A Systems Inquiry," SAM, Orlando, FL. (April 2006). 

Nadim, A., IBER annual conference, Design of an Innovative Organization: A Systemic Approach, , Las Vegas, Nevada. (October 2005).

Nadim, A., SAM (Society for Advancement of Management, "Who benefits the most from employee’s leadership training:  Organization of or its stakeholders?," Los Vegas. (April 2005).

Nadim, A., NCIIA (National Collegiate Innovators and Innovators Alliance), ".  Obstructions to University Wide Innovation," San Diego. (March 2005).

Nadim, A., Annual Meeting of NCIIA, "Supportive Culture as a Coproducer of a Successful New Development," San Jose, CA. (2004). 

Parker, J., Nadim, A., Singh, P., the 8th Annual Meeting of ASBBS, "Labor Relations in Small Business." (February 2001).

Nadim, A., the 8th Annual Meeting of ASBBS, "The Missing "Q" in TQM." (February 2001).

Nadim, A., Parker, J., NEBAA International Conference, ". Leadership Framework as Co-Producer of Quality - of - Life in the TQM process.." (April 2000).

Lussier, R., Nadim, A., NEBAA International Conference, "Tips on Getting Published." (April 2000).

Nadim, A., the 5th International Conference on IOS 9000 and TQM, "The Missing "Q" in the TQM," Singapore. (April 2000).

Nadim, A., Parker, J., USASBE/SBIDA 2000 National Conference,, "Role of Small Business in Community Development: An Open system, Integrative Model," San Antonio, TX. (February 2000).

Nadim, A., 23rd National Small Business Consulting (SBIDA) Conference, "Creating a Desirable Future and Designing Win-Win Strategies: Small Business and EPA," , San Francisco, CA. (February 1999).

Professional Positions


Professor of Management, University of New Haven. (1988 - Present).

Research Associate, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. (1976 - 1978).

System Analyst and Group Director, Industrial Management Institute. (1973 - 1978).
Research, Educating and Consulting

Assistant Professor of Business Administration, Abadan Institute of Technology. (1970 - 1973).


Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Auralogic, Inc. (1986 - 1988).

Interactive CPR Training Device 

Senior Vice President, New Directions Group, Inc. (1981 - 1987).
Innovation and business development consulting

Professional Service

Editorial Review Board Member, Journal of Small Business Strategy. 

Editorial Review Board Member, Small Business Institute Journal.

Editorial Review Board Member, International Journal of Entrepreneurship. (2012 - Present). 

Member, Town of Fairfield Economic Development Commission. (2006 - Present).

Reviewer, Conference Paper, SBIDA Annual Conferences. (1994 - Present).
Reviewer and Track Chair: SBIDA annual conferences

Reviewer, Conference Paper, USASBE Annual Conference. (1994 - Present).

Editor, Conference Proceedings, First Combined SBIDA and USASBE annual conference. (January 2013 - December 2013).
Review papers when requested

Reviewer, Conference Paper, SBI Annual conference. (2013). 

Past President: Small Business Institute (Directors Association), National SBI Organization. (2003 - 2004).
Performed all the roles over a span of 20 years

Courses Taught
  • MGMT 2210 Management & Organization, 1 course
  • MGMT 4550 Business Policy, 1 course
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